makin progress!!

"i should probably hand sew this part" i say as i machine sew it anyway and ruin everything

forever angry that pepper chose to walk out on tony when he was having a panic attack

looking back, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to recreate the explosion of emotions that i felt after waiting nearly a year to see iron man three and then being sat in the cinema and just the room suddenly coming alive to “im blue da ba dee da ba die”

just received a nipple aspirator through the post thanks matthew


nara men have terrible fashion how do they ever leave the house shikaku constantly looked like he slept in the dumpster behind a meth clinic and shikamaru looked like a poorly dressed twink before he got his chuunin vest

You're art is FABULOUS! And you're such a cutie! Godammit you already completed my only two goals in life, not cool man

thanks friend!! from the sound of it, you’re fabulous too!!

im legitimately considering skipping school tomorrow to finish this

okay but my hair looks cute tonight

okay but my hair looks cute tonight


talking marvel with a cute boy help me help me help me

the bus came and i was like aw then he was like u coming upstairs and then we continued to discuss why iron man shouldn’t get another sequel for the duration of the journey